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Jeu supports pour moteurs 1750-2000cc dans modèles 101

Jeu supports pour moteurs 1750-2000cc dans modèles 101

Conversion Mounts 101
Engine Mounts for 1750/2000 Conversion into 101

Our Special Application Veloce style engine mounts are exquisitely machined billet aluminum. They allow installation of 1750/2000 engine in the 101 chassis by lowering the engine 1 in addition to tilting the engine 9-10, providing necessary clearance for dual side-draft carbs.

The mounts are designed to be used in conjunction with our AR 30 010 014 conversion headers. Use of other exhaust headers, including original Veloce headers may result in clearance issues.

Complete set of left and right engine mounts including rubber soft mounts and bushing for carburetor support rod.

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